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Total Betting in Basketball

Betting on totals in basketball is about guessing the total score of a game. It’s a fun way to bet. You try to predict if the total points, shots, or other actions in a game will be over or under a number the bookies set.

In these bets, ‘TU’ means ‘total under’, and ‘TO’ means ‘total over.’ If you pick ‘total over,’ you win if the game’s total score is higher than the bookie’s number.

You can bet on more than just the final score. You can guess the total points in just part of the game, like a quarter or half-time. Or bet on how a team or player will do, like how many shots they make.

Your bet depends on the actual number of points or actions in the game. Betting on totals is a cool way to enjoy basketball, adding extra fun to watching the game. It’s great for all bettors, whether you’ve done it before or are trying it for the first time.

Types of Total Bets in Basketball

In basketball betting, there are several ways to bet on totals, which are the combined scores in the game. Each type offers a different way to enjoy and engage with the game.

Type of BetDescription
Classic TotalBet on the total points scored by both teams in the entire game. For example, bet over or under 164.5 points. If the game ends with a score higher than the bet (e.g., 165+), you win; if lower (164 or less), you lose.
Individual TotalFocus on the total points scored by one team (either home or visiting). Similar to classic total, but for a single team. You bet whether the team will score over or under a set number.
Period TotalsBet on the total points scored in a specific period of the game, like a quarter or half. For example, bet that a team will score over 26.5 points in the first quarter. If they score 27 or more, you win; if 26 or less, you lose.
Even/Odd TotalA simpler bet where you predict whether the total score will be an even or odd number. This can apply to the whole game’s score, the score of one team, or the score in a specific period.

Player Performance Stats Betting in Basketball

Player Performance Stats Betting in Basketball

In basketball, you can bet on more than just the final score. You can also bet on how individual players perform. This is called “Player Performance Stats Betting.”

Here are some things you can bet on when it comes to players:

  • Free Throws: You can bet on how many free throws a player will make;
  • 2/3-Point Shots: Bet on how many 2-point and 3-point shots a player will score;
  • Total Points: Predict how many points a player will score in the whole game;
  • Rebounds: Bet on how many rebounds a player will grab;
  • Passes: You can even bet on how many passes a player will make;
  • Blocks: Bet on how many shots a player will block;
  • Penalties: Some bookies offer bets on the penalties a player might get.

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Smart Betting on Basketball Totals

When it comes to betting on basketball totals, there’s no surefire method, but these key rules can boost your chances:

  • Player Fitness: Check players’ physical condition, especially after tough schedules or travel.
  • Know the Line-Ups: Stay updated on who’s playing, as missing key players can affect outcomes.
  • Study Stats: Analyze face-off duel and team statistics to spot trends.
  • Recent Matches: Review the last 5-10 games for insights.
  • Home Advantage: Consider the impact of playing at home.
  • Team Motivation: Assess each team’s motivation to win.

Proven Basketball Betting Strategies

Here’s a summary of effective basketball betting strategies in a table:

“Overall Total” StrategyCalculate the expected total points for both teams based on their recent performance. Add 3 points for the home team if applicable. Divide the total by 5 for the expected total in the upcoming game. Compare with bookmakers’ offerings and place your bet accordingly.
“Quarter Total in Live Mode” StrategyMonitor live odds for over/under bets in quarters. Note pre-game odds and compare with in-game odds. Bet on the total under if odds increase during the quarter, or over if they decrease.
“Favorite Losing Quarter Total” StrategyBet on the underdog in each quarter until you win. Instead of doubling bets, increase them by 3-4 times, depending on the odds against the favorite. This strategy capitalizes on the likelihood of favorites losing at least one quarter in basketball.